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NadjhChanel Patterson,


With more than a decade of experience in high-end spa management, I am dedicated to the transformation that beauty and pampering services bring the mind, body, and soul. Being a licensed esthetician, manicurist, and makeup artist is not only what I call my career but my passion. 

I LOVE being a lady. Fashion is such a fun part of who I am as well, and I have friends asking me all the time for pictures of my "OOTD" -- outfit of the day. 

I want to provide fun ways for women to connect with each other and with themselves. We created a great menu of services ranging from the totally silly and fun to the completely restorative and healing.
I am not really sure who 
said, "When you look good, you feel good!" But they were right, and that is what I love to bring to my clients!

Welcome to Beauty-Taxi!